Acne Diet

Is it possible to reduce acne outbreaks by following an Acne Diet ?

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Yes, you can improve your acne problem with a better diet. There is no doubt that your diet can influence the way you look and feel. It has been proven time and again that certain foods make you feel good while some make you sick and unhealthy. It is good if you identify those foods which are beneficial for you and work out an Acne Diet around and these particular foods.

ClearGelClearWash Similarly, for acne, there is a special acne diet which not only can cure acne, but also prevent it from forming anymore. When you have acne, you will do good to avoid milk. Your acne diet should not have more than about two glasses of milk per day. There are a number of hormones in milk that come through the milk from the pregnant cow which can be harmful.

Eat more fish, fish is well known to have the omega 3 oils that are so beneficial for the heart and surprisingly for the skin too. If you are having an acne problem you may need to increase your fish intake.

Consume less sugar, chocolates, sweets, soda and similar things which contain sugar should be avoided at all costs. Your acne diet should actually eliminate as much sugar as possible.

Some severe acne sufferers have noticed vitamin E actually aggravates acne and worsens the condition. You may want to monitor your vitamin E intake and determine if it has an effect on your acne outbreaks.

Processed and fried foods should also be avoided, eliminating fried foods and hydrogenated fats from the diet and getting extra vitamin A and zinc may reduce acne breakouts.

A diet rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and grains is the best for healthier acne free skin.

Drink plenty of water every day! Water helps the body flush out toxins and transport nutrients to the body. Drinking water puts less strain on the skin organ to flush out toxins.

Generally acne will decrease as you get older but some adults do suffer from acne. Again, following a healthy diet will be help clear up acne. You should not wash skin with harsh soaps that will dry out the skin and worsen acne, but you should keep it clean with a gentle herbal face wash that will remove acne causing oils and dirt without damaging the skin. Native Remedies has formulated and herbal ClearSkin Face Wash that will clean skin and clear acne.

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