Attention Deficit Disorder in Teens

How to Address Attention Deficit Disorder in Teens

Don’t Let Your Child Fail !

Helping teens live with Attention Deficit Disorder can be challenging, especially with the demands of high school. Teens with Attention Deficit Disorder are at a higher risk to drop out of school, have other learning disabilities, and get mixed in with the “wrong” crowd. The teenage years are the most difficult times to address Attention Deficit Disorder, but with the right help teens will succeed and set themselves up to live optimally for the rest of their lives.

focusaddult It is not uncommon for a gifted student to go undiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder until their teenage years, when the educational and social demands asked of them begin to increase quite rapidly. If a student performed well in elementary and middle schools, but does not respond well to the increased workload of high school, Attention Deficit Disorder could be to blame.

 Attention Deficit Disorder in Teens usually surfaces when they are asked to work more independently in school and are simply ill-equipped to do so. In addition to the increased work load associated with high school, teens are also expected to be more social than they may have been before, and because individuals suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder have trouble sustaining friendships, issues may arise for them as they try to blend in.

Attention Deficit Disorder is often linked to additional learning disabilities, so if you suspect that your teen is suffering from a learning disability you should take steps to have them be evaluated professionally. Identifying learning disabilities is crucial to assuring the academic success of teens with Attention Deficit Disorder to ensure that they can be placed in an environment that is conducive for them to learn. Many schools, both public and private, have special classes for students with learning disabilities, and can help teens remain to be good students. There are a ton of great resources to help you address Attention Deficit Disorder in teens, and by no means is a teen with this disorder limited in their future successes. Maybe special classes aren’t enough for a teen, but maybe with the help of medication he or she can participate normally in high school activities, both academic and social. There are many options for teens with Attention Deficit Disorder, and in helping them find what methods work best to get them through high school you are setting them up to be productive people for the rest of their lives.

Recent headlines about dangerous side effects of commonly prescribed drugs can leave parents feeling very reluctant to treat their children with them. There are many natural remedies available that focus specifically on Attention Deficit Disorder in Teens that are safe and have no harmful side effects. Michele Carelse, a Clinical Psychologist for Native Remedies, has many years of experience with both adults and children who struggle with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Recognizing the growing need for a safe and natural alternative for these adults and teens she formulated Focus ADDult for Adult ADD which uses a therapeutic blend of specific herbs from around the world to treat the symptoms of Adult ADD.

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