Depression Herbal Remedies -Children

The identification of Depression is not as understandable as other psychological disorders. Medical science doesn’t have much information regarding the brain, how it functions, and the why it suddenly does not work the way it should.

mindsoothjr Antidepressant properties of certain drugs were found by people researching these drugs in the 1950’s. Diagnosis of both adult and child depression are difficult since both pose problems. There is some inclination to depression in some children owing to factors like hereditary mental illnesses, and emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Child depression can also come from chemical imbalances, since several infants show depressive symptoms long before these factors can come into play.

Identification of the illness is more important compared to talking about the reasons behind it. Diagnosing the symptoms of child or teen depression is important since certain unruly behaviors and mood swings will be simply confused as adolescent problems. Parents or guardians should take special care to see if the child shows any symptoms of child depression. Some of the noticeable symptoms are


  • The child will be in a state of continuous sadness, they will be irritable, feels hopeless and   worthless.
  • Failure to find enjoyment in activities which they enjoyed in the past.
  • Evading the companionship of friends and others.
  • Weeping spells.
  • Have sleeping problems. They either oversleeping or do not get enough sleep.
  • Exhaustion, tiredness or alteration in activity level: either they become too lazy or are hyperactive.
  • They feel drained most of the time.
  • Bodily problems that are difficult to make out, like headaches or stomach aches.
  • Recurrent feelings or talks about death or suicide.
  • Difficulty in focusing on one job, procrastination, or trying to avoid responsibilities.
  • Anger, rage, or troublesome manners at school or outside.
  • Rapid fall in school grades.


Bipolar disorder (BPD) is a mental disorder which can be distinguished by episodes of mania and depression. When a child is suffering from BPD, he may demonstrate sudden mood swings, extended periods of hyperactivity, unpredictable temper tantrums, or bragging about self or capabilities. These depressive symptoms can be compared to other disorders like ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Teenage girls are more prone to show signs of eating disorders.

Whoever specializes in teen depression should make sure that a holistic approach is prepared and the healing should be personalized. Now a days, teen depression is a truth and it cannot be ignored easily. The problem is there in our midst and we should not be turn away from this reality. World is very competitive today and this takes a toll on both children and adults.

Adults agonize over performance, pay, and appraisals, while children feel the demands of parental expectations in terms of good grades and performance in sports.

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