Motion Sickness

When and How Does Motion Sickness Occur

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Motion Sickness also known as kinetosis is a defense mechanism the brain develops when it thinks the body is poisoned. It usually occurs when two important transmitters and body sensors contradict one another and confuses the brain in the process.

cantravel There are several parts of your body that keeps the brain informed of the state of your body and some of them are the ears, skin and eyes. When you are in a moving object such as a car, ship or plane, which are usually the places where you get motion sickness, your ears and skin detect that your body is moving but sometimes your eyes cannot see that. For instance when you are in a plane and the window is shut or when in a car and you are reading a book and/or when you are on a ship in the cabin where you cannot see outside.

The eyes will transmit to the brain that you are standing still while the ears will transmit that you are moving and the brain does not know which is right and thus, motion sickness is caused. Motion sickness can be caused when you are scared or stressed as well for example when you are on a ship and you are faced with bad weather when it can get quite scary and stressful at times.

The Symptoms of Motion Sickness

The most usual symptoms of motion sickness are nausea (which also means sea sickness in Greek), vomiting and headache. When you suffer from motion sickness, vomiting does not help reduce the ill feeling at all.

Dealing with Motion Sickness

There are medications that can help stop motion sickness but we found an all natural herbal supplement called CanTravel to be safe and effective at stopping motion sickness. CanTravel is a unique formula containing a combination of selected herbs, biochemic tissue salts and homeopathic ingredients to treat all the major symptoms of travel or motion sickness. Presented in pleasant and fresh tasting dissolvable granules that are sprinkled on the tongue, CanTravel is easy and convenient to administer to adults and small children alike. CanTravel is an effective natural remedy which does not cause side effects associated with prescription drugs for motion sickness.

If you are in a moving object you may want to make contact with the outside scenery for example, when on a ship try to get on the deck and watch the horizon where the sea touches the sky or when in a plane look outside the window. In this way, the report your eyes give will match the report of your ears and your brain will not induce the defense mechanism of vomiting in order to save you. When you experience motion sickness, try and have some crackers, green apples and ginger ale, which will help you greatly and hopefully you will be better in no time at all viagra prix.

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