Snoring – Is It A Serious Problem?

It is believed that almost forty-five percent of normal adults may have the habit of snoring once in a while and one in every four of these is habitual snorers. The problem of Snoring occurs in males as well as overweight persons and with the passing years, becomes worse.

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Snoring generally happens when and if there is some blockage to the free flow of air through the passages lying at the back of the nose as well as mouth. Such an area can be considered as being a collapsible part of the airway and here the tongue as well as upper throat meets with the soft palate as well as the uvula. If these structures hit one another and there is vibration during breathing it would cause a person to snore.

Is it a Serious Problem?

Snoring may be a serious social problem and very often the person snoring may be the butt of jokes and it may also result in fellow sleepers to lose their sleep and cause resentment among them due to the lack of sleep that they get. Snoring is also a serious medical condition as it disturbs the pattern of sleep and does not give the snorer adequate rest and in the case of severe snoring, it may result in serious and long-term health problems that also includes sleep apnea pouvez trouver sur cette page.

Heavy snoring which may cause disruption to the family is a condition for which medical advice should be sought so that one may be sure that it is not sleep apnea and an otolaryngologist will be able to give the snorer a thorough examination of the mouth, nose, palate, throat as well as neck and there may also be need for laboratory studies to determine the seriousness of the problem and its effects on the health of the snorer.

The treatment of snoring will depend to a large extent on the diagnosis and only after examination will it is possible to know whether snoring is the result of nasal allergy, deformity, infection or tonsils and adenoids.

Furthermore, this problem may respond well to different treatments that may include surgery for treating obstructive sleep apnea, procedures as well as techniques to treat snoring including bipolar cautery, laser and radiofrequency, as also, surgical procedure to treat sleep apnea. There are also certain self-help remedies that the snorer may try out including adoption of a healthy as well as athletic lifestyle and avoidance of tranquilizers, sleeping pills and antihistamines before going to sleep.

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