Alternative Medicines for High Blood Pressure

Alternative Medicines for High Blood Pressure:

HERBS! According to the American Heart Association high blood pressure affects about 73 million Americans, with such high percentages, traditional medications are commonly used. There are, however, some who would say that an organic solution can be round by using herbs as therapy for high blood pressure. Using herbs and/or botanicals for medicinal purposes is an idea that has been around for centuries; even using them for the specific cure of high blood pressure is not a new one. One such herb that is said to help is Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn) this is supposed to dilate blood vessels and block angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) which is a blood-restricting enzyme. Various other herbs perform different functions that can aid with high blood pressure. Claims have also been made that passiflora incarnate has a way of calming that will relax the blood vessels, thusly reducing blood pressure. Guelder rose bark is yet another example of an herb for high blood pressure it relaxes the entire cardiovascular system, which will also aid in reducing blood pressure.

Lifestyle Changes: As part of Natural Treatment Herbs alone are not the end-all treatments for high blood pressure. Almost all herbalists will highly recommend implementing lifestyle changes as well. Smoking is a habit that must be eliminated to help with reducing high blood pressure, as nicotine will constrict the blood vessels. The reduction of blood vessels in size forces the heart to work harder and if the vessels are compromise at all this could also cause them to burst. Exercise is very important for an overall healthy lifestyle and incorporating a healthy diet will drastically help improve your heart function. The correct exercise will strengthen the heart muscles as well as the blood vessels, making them stronger and also more pliable which will help handle the stress of high blood pressure.

Diet and exercise in conjunction to taking herbs for high blood pressure, need to all be part of a successful solution. While some contend that raising ones caffeine levels or using caffeine products will help with high blood pressure this is really only a temporary solution. While it may work in the short term many physicians as well as naturalists, would suggest eliminating it entirely as it can counteract drugs or herbs for high blood pressure being used to dilate the blood vessels. Caffeine also comes with additional health risks such as raising heart levels and causing sleeplessness.

The best alternative is incorporating a healthy diet and exercise program along with taking herbs. One of the most commonly known herbs and widely used for medicinal purposes is, Ginkgo Biloba, it has been used for several centuries and has shown remarkable effects on blood pressure. It has been shown to not only relax blood vessels but also stimulate the circulatory system. It has the ability to reduce the blood from clotting thusly letting blood flow more freely and helping to reduce blood pressure in that way as well. Ginko Biloba is probably the most recognized herb used in treatment of high blood pressure, world wide.

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