Effective Natural Remedies for Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause has been in vogue for a long time; however, there has been a lot of criticism about the side effects of this therapy on women undergoing this treatment. This criticism is not without valid reasons. Risks involved in undergoing hormone replacement therapy are cancer, stroke and heart attacks, blood clotting and high blood pressure. Main advantage from this therapy has been the decrease in osteoporosis and bone loss. The tendency now is to look at popular natural remedies as alternate treatment for menopause which also can take care of problems of osteoporosis and bone loss.

Behavioral and Physical Modifications

Many women who attain the menopause stage have symptoms of hot flashes. Hot flashes are symptom of the changing hormone levels of women in the menopause age. This is also known as hot flushes or night sweats. Women feel intense heat and rapid heartbeat due to this. This can be cured by changing behavioral patterns which is considered as a natural remedy. Some suggestions on this are as follows.

Reduce stress and avoid spicy food

Avoid hot drinks including hot coffee

Drink more cool liquids such as ice water/milk

Wear layered clothing which will allow you take off extra clothing in case of hot flush becoming unbearable

One can reduce the symptom of hot flashes as high as 50% by doing abdominal breathing wherein you take deep, relaxed breathing from the abdominal area and this will reduce stress. Do this in two sessions of 8 deep breaths per minute and this would be sufficient. Yoga exercises involve different poses with proper breathing techniques (Pranayama) which are effective natural remedy.

Diet and Herbal Additions

Another natural remedy is to add Vitamin E as well as soy products in your diet and these are found to be efficient in reducing hot flashes. Alternately diet with soy products and vegetables containing Vitamin E can also be taken. Further, herbs are available for curbing hot flashes, mood swings and certain other symptoms.

One of the herbal remedies topping the list of natural remedies for curing menopause is Black cohosh. However, this requires consultation with the doctor since it is known to reduce blood pressure. Another remedy is to have red clover which is a natural estrogen and this will relieve symptoms of hot flashes.

Other Options

Natural progesterone creams are available in the market and these are useful in reducing menopausal symptoms. These creams are made from natural plant estrogen. Since this is not an oral remedy your liver need not have to metabolize it. All said and done, the best remedy for reducing menopausal symptoms is to do exercises. Exercises take care of two important aspects of symptoms in their menopausal patients i.e. reducing hot flashes as well as building bone density and strength. If one cares to allocate 30 minutes of their time thrice a week they will get relief from menopausal symptoms.


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