Natural Remedies for Yeast Infections

Herbal Remedies for Yeast Infections: Yeast infections cause irritation both within and on the area surrounding the vagina. These infections are common, with 75% of women experiencing one at some point in their lives. Yeast, a type of fungus normally present in the vagina, can sometimes grow unchecked, resulting in an infection with symptoms such as itchiness and irritation. The vagina normally keeps itself clean and healthy, but can be negatively affected by some factors. Proper hygiene and self-care can often prevent future infections. Treatment options include over-the-counter medicine, prescriptions and herbal remedies. A growing number of women turn to herbal remedies as a safe and effective means of treatment.

Symptoms of a yeast infection can range from mild to quite severe. These include the common itching and redness, along with discharge, bad odor and burning. Treatment should include medication to eradicate infection along with a means of relieving associated symptoms. This is especially important considering the fact that the private nature of the infection due to its location makes it a potentially very embarrassing condition.

The vagina contains healthy bacteria carefully balanced that work to prevent infection. However, this balance can be thrown off by factors such as stress, too little sleep, pregnancy or hormonal changes. Some diseases can also cause yeast infections, specifically those which weaken the immune system such as HIV. Finally, medications, most often antibiotics, are a common cause of infection. Antibiotics kill bacteria without differentiating between good and bad bacteria. Consequently, the good bacteria in the vagina are destroyed, leaving a breeding ground for infection.

Poor personal hygiene also increases the risk of developing a yeast infection. Proper hygiene includes wiping from front to back, avoiding douches or creams not prescribed by a physician, changing pads or tampons frequently and keeping the area clean and dry. Lifestyle changes such as healthy diet without the use of tobacco or alcohol, along with avoidance of spicy and fast foods can also reduce the risk of infection. Finally, opt for loose clothing that allows the skin to breathe. Following these guidelines becomes increasingly important if you are having trouble with recurrent infections.

Treatment options include over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and herbal remedies. Over-the-counter medications are not recommended for those who are dealing with their first yeast infection as self-diagnosis can be inaccurate, leading to use of inappropriate medication. Prescriptions are another option and usually contain a slightly stronger dose of medication similar to that found in over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, yeast infections don’t always respond to these medications. This is increasingly common, possibly due to misuse of such products by women who have inaccurately diagnosed themselves as having a yeast infection. Finally, don’t use such products if you are pregnant or suffer from recurrent yeast infections. Due to the limitations of traditional treatment, women are turning to herbal remedies to naturally restore proper balance, safely and effectively eliminating infection.

Herbal Remedies are a good option for many women. They are generally safer to use while providing quick and effective treatment. Herbal remedies do not have harmful side effects and can be used by almost anyone. When making your purchase, look for one that is completely natural, without artificial colors or preservatives. Additionally, safety can be ensured by only buying a product that has been manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. High quality herbal remedies for yeast infections can be the perfect answer for many women frustrated by their otherwise limited options.

Yeast infections are an irritating but common part of life for most women. Millions of women look for treatment options every year for the itchiness, pain and burning of yeast infections. While over-the-counter and prescription medications have traditionally been the only options, this is no longer the case. Safe, natural and effective herbal remedies are now widely available those wanting treatment without harmful side effects. Herbal remedies are simple and easy to use and do not require a prescription from a doctor. As such, they are fast becoming the treatment of choice for yeast infections for women worldwide site.

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