Restless Leg Keeping You Up at Night?

Restless Leg Syndrome is a condition that interferes greatly with the sleep of the people who suffer from it. The symptoms include the disturbing sensations of burning, creeping, tugging and the feeling of having insects crawling underneath the skin. The symptoms of RLS begin after lying down or drifting off to sleep.

legcalm Sufferers of RLS experience the urge to get up and move around and find that when doing this their symptoms lessen or even cease. People who are stricken with RLS really want to find something that will prevent their symptoms from occurring. While getting up and moving around can help to ease the symptoms in their legs, people would much rather not have to experience those strange sensations in the first place. That is why finding a natural cure is vital to those who suffer from this syndrome.

Specialists have hypothesized that one of the sources of restless leg syndrome is a deficiency in folate and iron. Folate is water soluble B vitamin found naturally in dark leafy green vegetables such as asparagus, spinach or kale. Folate is also found in fortified breakfast cereals, whole wheat products, liver, eggs, beans and sunflower seeds. A good way to get your daily dose of folate is by drinking a glass of a folate kale juice. The cause of restless leg syndrome in some people has been linked to an iron deficiency.

In one study subjects with RLS and an iron deficiency were given 74 mg of iron three times daily for two months. The results showed a reduction of the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Iron deficiency is not that common so you should get tested to see if you really have iron poor blood. Taking an iron supplement if you’re not actually deficient can be harmful to you. Massage is another good way to treat RLS naturally. Massaging or kneading the muscles of your calves promotes blood flow to the area and can aid in the feeling of restless legs. Massage combined with moderate exercise is a great natural remedy for restless leg syndrome.

It is important to approach any exercise program gently because sufferers of RLS who exercised too much ended up aggravating their symptoms. Another way to treat restless leg syndrome is by changing your lifestyle and eliminating the things that appear to make your symptoms worse. You may need to cut down or totally remove caffeine from your diet. And you might need to do the same with tobacco and alcohol usage. Cutting down or eliminating any type of stimulant as will generally lead to a decrease or total cessation of RLS symptoms. When you on a quest to find natural treatments for your restless leg syndrome, you should work with in tandem with your physician. While many people want to treat themselves, a qualified doctor can offer you the best treatment options for your restless leg syndrome.

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