Arthritis Treatments

The Many Forms of Arthritis Treatment:

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that both men and women of all races commonly experience. Arthritis is genetic in nature and this is what made it one of the most difficult diseases to cure in the past. More recently, however, new treatments that have become available have made arthritis one of the easiest diseases to deal with. Similar to other conditions, there are a number of ways to cure arthritis. Treatments can range from simply altering your lifestyle and natural remedies, to taking medications for life or even surgery, which is considered a last resort. Despite the availability of a range of treatments for arthritis, they all focus on one aspect of the disease, treating joint inflammation. Just reducing this inflammation will put all the symptoms of arthritis into remission.

Arthritis Treatment Drug Therapy:

The treatment that is often tried first, and proves to be most effective, is drug therapy. Arthritis drugs can be as mild as a pill or as complex as injectable. There are many classes of these drugs from pain relievers, and anti-inflammatory drugs to corticosteroids, disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, and biologics. To keep the disease in a state of remission an individual will take these drugs for the remainder of their life. However, with even the slightest change in dosage it can be expected that rheumatoid arthritis will attack again.

Arthritis Treatment Lifestyle Modification:

Although generally not as effective as drug therapy, modifications in lifestyle have proven to lead to big improvements in the condition. Individuals who incorporate diet and exercise into their daily routines have a much higher likelihood that they will experience a reduction in their symptoms. Even more, if the patient is on the right track to overall wellness, we will certainly expect them to have reduced arthritis attacks or even none at all. Arthritis Treatment: Natural Therapies Today, one of the most common ways of treating arthritis is the use of natural remedies. It is believed by many that we can successfully alleviate a patient’s arthritis through natural means instead of medication. Paraffin wax, in particular, is but one effective way of treating arthritis. By submersing arthritis affected areas into a warm environment, the natural circulation of blood increases leading to reduced inflammation at the site. Natural remedies have even led doctors to believe that they are a viable method of treating arthritis.

Arthritis Treatment Surgery :

Surgery is the final method of treating arthritis. A doctor would choose surgery to treat arthritis if no other method of treatment has led to a reduction in your symptoms. Surgery will only be suggested, however, once your arthritis becomes completely intolerable. Surgery can be effective at not just treating problems in bones caused by rheumatoid arthritis, but can also be effective at problems with the joints and ligaments as well. Surgery does not address the genetic problems associated with arthritis, but it will give complete relief from the symptoms you are experiencing.

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